Saturday, November 17, 2012

Elton John Gets Star Named After Him

SIR Elton John's star was born more than four decades ago and last night he was rewarded with a heavenly body named in his honour by the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

The piano knight plays his 45th concert at the Entertainment Centre tonight, which was commemorated with the southern hemisphere Sir Elton John star in the Constellation of Phoenix.

"I am so sad they are going to pull this place down but we will be back before they do," he said. John holds the record for the most solo shows by an artist at the city venue which is expected to be torn down at the end of 2013.

Typically sparkly in a sequinned jacket, the adopted Australian musical son whose history with Sydney includes a 1980s wedding, John was in high spirits, jumping off his stool after almost every song.

For his sold-out Rocket Man show, celebrating the 40th anniversary of his No.1 hit, the venerable entertainer smashed out a plethora of favourites for his legion of loyal fans.

He opened with the deliciously ironic signature The Bitch Is Back and then went straight into Benny And The Jets.

With a band who are attuned to every nuance of his voice, piano styling and extensive repertoire, John doesn't just play.

He delivers the musical memories stamped on his fans' lives and heartfelt stories about those happy, sad and tragic occasions he has been called on to soundtrack.

He may just be the last of his kind.

- Adelaide Now

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