Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Personal Note From Me

To all my loyal subscribers,

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to give you all a big thank you for coming to see me during the Australian tour and making me feel so welcome. You guys really rock!

Secondly, thanks for putting up with the delays in updating the site. I have been so busy with my real job, my real life and my real need for sleep that I simply have not had the time to update you all on Sir Elton's life. If you don't know, this is a sole operation, all operated by myself, in my own time and on my own dollar for you to enjoy - at no cost to you. I am twenty six years old and work as an administration assistant/receptionist. So, please understand, I am working to the best of my ability for you, i'm in no way a professional and I do not make money from this site. 'I was just a fan' as Elton would say. 

It is a labour of love, updating this site as often as possible. Originally due to it taking up too much of my time, and to be honest, my view that it had become unnecessary and obsolete, I had planned to delete the site on January 1, 2013. After much consideration and having input from some wonderful people I met out on the road this year - I will continue the site. I trust that you appreciate my work and that it is of use to some of you. Regretfully, I feel that my site is in many ways superior to Elton's official website, which has become very substandard for an artist of Elton John's calibre. The intent behind Elton Daily's conception was not only to amalgamate all the news into a 'one stop shop' but to further enhance the interactive brand experience for Elton's fans - something that had been (and still is) not being done very well by those in official circles.

So thank you for your support,  I wanted you to understand who I am, so that you can see I'm not a professional website operator and that this is a hobby that soaks up all of my spare time. I am  happy to continue it for you, as long as it serves you with an element of value. If you feel it is unnecessary please do not hesitate to let me know. If you also enjoy my site, or have any comments, I would be delighted to hear your suggestions and feedback.

Many thanks again,

Paul Jelicich

PS: My reviews, photos and video from the tour will be released periodically throughout the week. Stay tuned for a new exclusive merchandise item coming soon too.


nutter said...

Hi Paul. I only came across your website by accident when I retired in July and had more time. You are correct - it is far superior to the official Elton site. I love it and the hard work you obviously put into it is much appreciated.Please continue for as long as you can. I only wish I could help you out in some way, but I am in the UK and basically know nothing about how websites work! I check all the news and other sources daily for news of Elton and the band - I have the time but not the technical know how!

Anonymous said...

thank you for all your time and efforts, i appreciate and understand as i am sure lots of other visitors of your website do. thank you also for deciding to continue, it really is very valuable, enjoyable and definitely necessary :)

Anonymous said...

I totally enjoy your site, and it does have more info and is a nicer site than the OFFICIAL elton John site. I had joined the Rocket Club on the official site, and to be truthful it was a waste of $40. Thanks for the wonderful work you do.It is appreciated. Minnesota reader

Anonymous said...

hey paul, please keep on doing this. You are the best.

Best Wishes
a fan of yours from hong kong since 2008

Anonymous said...

Paul, I am writing to you from Canada and want you to know I visit your site nearly every day. It is my go-to source for Elton John news! I appreciate very much the hard work you put into the site. I became a fan of Elton in 2008 when I attended a concert in Winnipeg with my parents. I have been to six other Elton concerts in Canada and the U.S.A. since. Thank you so much for your passion and for all of the great information, reviews and video clips you provide. I believe this is the best Elton John website going!

Jane said...

Paul, I'm from the UK, I go to your site every day as do many others. it's a great site. Thank you very much for everything, I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
Keep up the great work. Your site is the best for up to date info on EJ. It is greatly appreciated.
Many thanks!!

Paul Jelicich said...

Thanks guys!!

You all inspire me to keep this site running.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Iowa. Keep up the good work if you so desire. Love the site. This is one of my 'go-to' sites on a weekly basis!

Check out some of my Elton videos on YouTube via louiethelumberking2.

Mário Marinato said...

Hey, Paul, thanks for deciding to keep up with the blog. It's the best info about Sir Elton one might ask for.

Best regards from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, I love your website please keep going! I was lucky enough to see Elton in Sydney (with friends) and with my 8 year old son in Melbourne. My son and I ended up at the front at the end of the concert, the fans were amazing and let him up the front, and he now as an Elton John autograph and Davey's guitar pick. Most people don't get how amazing that was - but you and your followers do -and he's just started guitar lessons ;) xx

Paul Jelicich said...

How lovely! What a special memory for him, Davey is a great role model for your son.