Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012 Australian Tour Set List

Perth Arena, Perth WA

The bitch is back
Bennie and the jets
Grey seal
Tiny dancer
Mona Lisa's and mad hatters
Philadelphia freedom
Candle in the wind
Goodbye yellow brick road
Rocket man
Hey ahab
I guess that's why they call it the blues
Funeral for a friend/ love lies bleeding
Honky cat
Sad songs
Band intros
Don't let the sun go down on me
Stage rush
Are you ready for love
I'm still standing
Crocodile rock
Saturday nights alright for fighting
Autograph signing
Your song
Circle of life


Anonymous said...

thanks paul. I thought the first two song of the show on 10th would be broadcasted. Is that true? Do you have any videos of that ?

Anonymous said...

I attended his opening concert for the Perth Arena stadium last night and he was amazing- well worth waiting 40 years to see.

Phil said...

Wow - so excited. Seeing him in Sydney on Thursday and then Friday night. Last year in Brisbane he missed Circle of Life, Love Lies Bleeding and Mona Lisa's and mad hatters - 3 of my favorites. Hope these are kept in the set list for Thursday in Sydney!!! Very excited!

Wicked-Dreamer said...

Was it the same set list for the second show??
Looking forward to ircle of Life, Love Lies Bleeding, Grey Seal and Mona Lisa's and mad hatters,

Anonymous said...

Same set list for second Perth show too

Paul Jelicich said...

Sorry I can't update the blog guys, don't have my computer with me.

Yes the first two songs were recorded on the 10th and are on YouTube

The set was the same on the second night.


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, Do you have the links of the first two songs on youtube? I can't see anything from 10th on youtube at all


Anonymous said...

hi.... can you tell me what time he went on stage? we have tickets fro tonight in sydney... says 7 p.m on there but will he have a warm up first?

Paul Jelicich said...

I'll get the links for you this weekend, it's too hard on my phone sorry.

Schmidt are the warm up, they were on at 645 last night and 2cellos/Elton at 8pm

I'm not sure about tonight sorry.