Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Elton Likes Heart's New Album

Heart‘s new album, Fanatic, is in stores this week, and you know it must be good because one of music’s most outspoken stars has given it his seal of approval: Elton John.

Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson tell ABC News Radio that when they were recording Fanatic, Elton and his producer T Bone Burnett were in the same studio, working on John’s new album, The Diving Board. After Elton played some of his new tracks for the sisters, he insisted that they reciprocate, much to their horror.

“Elton’s like, ‘Let’s play some of your stuff!’” Nancy Wilson recalls with a laugh. “And we were like, ‘Oh, no, no please, no! It’s not ready! It’s not ready!’” He wouldn’t let them off the hook, so they finally gave in, even though they were afraid of what he would say. “He’s notoriously honest,” notes Nancy. But everything worked out for the best: John loved what he heard. “He was so complimentary, and he gave us hugs and kisses,” she laughs.

Still, Nancy decided not to share with him a story featured in the sisters’ new memoir, Kicking and Dreaming, which relates how she once climbed over a fence to sneak into one of his concerts back in the ’70s. “I always was too embarrassed to be a super-fan in front of him,” she tells ABC News Radio. “But you know, we’re pretty close and I’m sure he’ll read [the book], and get a pretty good giggle out of that.”

- ABC News Radio

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