Saturday, September 29, 2012

Elton Signs a Back at Fashion Cares

After we had photos taken together, I looked at Elton John and David Furnish (they were on either side of me) and said "can you guys do me a favour?" I took my Sharpie pen off the side table and said "can you sign my back?" They both did and, while Elton was signing, he said "well that's a first."

Going back (no pun intended), I had literally flown to Korea, Paris, London, New York and Italy in the month of August seeking the perfect dress for this gala. I bought a Christian Dior gown in New York (just in case) and had an elaborate dress made by Maurizio Pronto of Aquamarine in Italy (it was a gift from the designer). I returned from travels less than a week before Fashion Cares. At the last minute, I pulled a dress out of my closet and decided to go simple. It was an old dress, simple and backless.

When I pondered accessories, I thought "the purpose of my being at Fashion Cares is to launch the book, so I lucked upon a tattoo/makeup artist and requested he create a temporary tattoo. The tattoo had the information people would need to purchase a book at the event or thereafter. As my hair is long, I wore it down and pulled it around to the front to display my human is beside the tattoo on my back where Elton and David signed their names.

- Huffington Post

Also pictured is Mark Blans a fan attending the Fashion Cares 25 Gala in a fabulous outfit.

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