Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Molly Surprised by Storm Surrounding Elton's Madonna Comments

MUSIC guru Molly Meldrum has made plenty of news in the past few months, but the firestorm of headlines set off by his extraordinarily candid interview with Elton John caught even him by surprise.

Bunkered down in Phuket, Meldrum said he knew the interview, in which Elton described rival superstar Madonna as looking like a "fairground stripper", would ruffle feathers, but he underestimated its impact.

Reports have suggested Elton's minders are steamed up, believing the comments about Madonna were made off camera.

"We did the interview and, really, the bit about Madonna was more him and I talking while we were doing cutaways," Meldrum said.

"But unfortunately some of that was on sound and no one, when it came back to Australia, ever thought it was not part of the interview, so they just went with it. It is just one of those things, you know."

Meldrum said he was yet to hear from Elton or Madonna over the interview.

It is not the first time a chat with the man in the hat has made world headlines.

"I made them way back with the John Lennon thing when he said about The Beatles possibly breaking up, and I made it viral with Beyonce and the pregnancy, but never like this," he said.

"This just took off and snowballed. It has gone everywhere."

Meldrum has done just a handful of celebrity interviews since resuming his jetsetting role with Channel 7, after recovering from a life-threatening fall at his home in December.

- The Telegraph

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