Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Listen to Elton Season On-Line

Elton turns DJ, and plays two hours of his favourite songs, picked from his own collection & including music from Little Richard, the Scissor Sisters, the Beatles & the Stones.

He says whittling down his favourites to just two hours was an almost impossible task & that he could happily go on for a week and still not get everything in!

Even so, it's a rare insight into the tastes of a music legend as Elton's choices move from the obscure to the mainstream, from soul to rock, jazz to techno and pretty much all the bases in between.

And as befits a great raconteur, it's also full of stories, like the time Elton went to see Dusty Springfield at Batley Variety Club, jumped up on stage to sing with her & drowned out the music with the clumping of his platform boots! You'll find out what gets him dancing in the morning, who he thinks are the best British female singers of all time & how he nearly ruined Aretha Franklin's career.


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