Thursday, August 2, 2012

Elton Salutes Baseball Star Chipper Jones

Baseball player Chipper Jones is soon to retire after spending his entire baseball career as an Atlanta Brave – the team that Elton supports. Elton, a keen baseball fan, refers to himself as “an Englishman spellbound by the skill and beauty of the game.” His moving tribute to this great player was published in the commemorative programme for Chipper Jones' career with the Braves, and we have reprinted it below for Elton’s fans worldwide to read.

“It won't be the same. The Braves without Chipper is like Lennon minus McCartney, Rogers without Hammerstein. For so long the Braves for me were about Bobby Cox and Chipper, Maddux, Smoltz and Glavine. Now the final hero is saying farewell. Headed to the Hall of Fame where he rightfully belongs. Other heroes will emerge and stand tall in the uniform. Chipper for me epitomized the spirit of the ball club. For a start he has that name - Chipper Jones - he could be a rock star, a movie star or a great politician. But he played baseball, and he gave me and millions of others a glimpse of true greatness and for that alone I am so blessed. The Braves became a huge part of my life when I bought a home in Atlanta in 1991. I am an Englishman spellbound by the skill and beauty of the game.

Thank you Chipper for such wonderful memories. Please stay in the game. Your experience and knowledge will benefit so many players. Simply put, baseball without Chipper is unthinkable.

Congratulations on a stellar career.
We'll miss you!

- Elton John

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