Saturday, July 21, 2012

Elton's Daybreak Interview

Sir Elton John has spoke about how his life changed since becoming a father to Zachary.

In a chat with Daybreak, the pop star spoke about how he and his partner David Furnish wanted a child and how fatherhood has changed them.

He said: "It's the most wonderful thing you could possibly go through. He's changed our lives. Everything is about him now. He's the icing on the cake.

"The first thing I do every morning is have breakfast with him. He shares my breakfast. Whatever I have, he wants. He has my boiled egg and I have his pineapple and vice versa."

The singer also told Daybreak's Helen Fospero why writing his his first book, 'Love is the Cure' on Aids and HIV, was an emotional experience.

He said: "I wanted to do something about aids. There's lots of facts in the book but it also tells you why why I changed my life."

Elton John's new album Elton John vs Pnau are storming towards Number 1 according to the Official Albums Chart Update.

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The 'Rocket Man' singer recently reworked some of his classic hits with Australian dance duo Pnau and took to the stage on the party island to perform them, and despite his long time in the music business, was nervous.

Speaking on UK radio station Magic 105.4, he explained: "I was very apprehensive, Sting played the night before me and he was just as apprehensive and he went down a storm. "I was astounded [by the reaction]. I have never heard [the reworked songs] sung by an audience ever, so that was a shock, a beautiful shock."

Elton, 65, is thrilled with the album of updated classics, saying: "It sounds like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day, it's so refreshing.

"It's giving old songs a new lease of life by employing modern techniques."
Elton also revealed he was honoured to take part in the Diamond Jubilee concert, celebrating Queen Elizabeth's 60 year reign.

He said: "It was astonishing feeling, years ago in 1975 John Lennon came on stage with me and we had an 8-10 minute standing ovation and we all cried on stage and I haven't had love like that until the Jubilee and we were all standing on the stage while Prince Charles was doing a speech to his mother and you could just feel the love coming through the air. It was a wonderful thing to be involved with."

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