Sunday, July 8, 2012

Elton Has a Bus Pass

ELTON John has revealed one of the benefits of reaching the grand old age of 65 – he now has a bus pass.

However, the pensioner prince of pop, famed for his extravagance, confesses he has yet to board public transport with it.

“I did get a bus pass from a friend of mine,” he admitted in an interview, adding: “I haven’t used it yet. I wouldn’t know how to get on a bus. In the old days you paid and got a ticket. No way could I do it now as I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Sir Elton, a millionaire many times over, went on to have a tongue-in-cheek dig at ever richer, even older, pop rival Sir Paul McCartney who has just turned 70 and has a reputation for watching the pennies.

“At my age of 65 I am doing a lot more myself but it doesn’t mean I have to get on a bus,” said Elton. “I am not Paul McCartney.”

Technophobe Elton also has a dig at younger rivals who keep in touch with fans by using social media. “I have never had a phone. I do not tweet,” he said.

“I mean ‘Get a life’. I don’t spend my days tweeting or blogging. I think it is ridiculous. That is why I have a career. I e-mail things, but as far as texting or tweeting, no.”

ELTON went on to reveal his pleasure in being a father and his ambition for his 18-month-old son Zachary, born to an anonymous surrogate mother on Christmas Day, 2010.

The singer, who once owned Watford Football Club, reckons the toddler could be a future England footballer.

“He loves playing football and loves watching it,” he said. “Anything to do with a ball he watches.”
Elton’s dig at McCartney reflects a commonly held view of the superstar as careful with his money. He raised eyebrows when he threw a party where guests had to pay for their drinks.

- Express

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