Sunday, July 22, 2012

Elton Coming to Beijing & Shanghai

As one of the world's largest sports and entertainment providers, AEG works directly with international artists and their agencies to arrange world tours. The events on AEG China's 2012 calendar include concerts by Elton John in both Shanghai and Beijing, Jennifer Lopez in Shanghai and NBA games. Many other events are still under discussion.

"Historically, China was not a stop on most touring circuits for international artists," Cappo says. "One of the major reasons was that the venues were not up to the international standards, and the approval process was complicated and opaque."

When Beyonce performed at the MasterCard Center, there were no other venues in Beijing that had a mother grid, from which lighting, sound and other heavy stage equipment is hung.

"Now, many top acts are beginning to understand that the Chinese market is developing quickly and will be a must-play stop on the Asian touring circuit," Cappo says, adding that all three AEG-operated venues "are equipped with the best technology and facility standards in China".

- China Daily

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