Friday, July 27, 2012

Bernie Writes by Title First, Elton Thanks Jay-Z For Support

The Killers' new album is inspired by Sir Elton John's hits.

The group's frontman Brandon Flowers recently met the 'Crocodile Rock' star's songwriting partner Bernie Taupin and took some tips from him on creating "epic" tracks.

Speaking about one of the group's new songs, 'Miss Atomic Bomb', Brandon told NME magazine: "There's a very iconic picture of the first Miss Atomic Bomb. A mushroom cloud-shaped bathing suit is covering her breasts. It's a beautiful picture of this woman in the desert. I think she's still alive.

"I met Bernie Taupin for the first time and I felt like he was giving me a little bit of advice. He didn't say much to me, just asked, 'Do you like titles?' And I started thinking about Elton John songs, and found out Bernie wrote the titles first. Like 'Mona Lisa and the Mad Hatter' or 'Candle in the Wind', it's already epic.

- Female First

Sir Elton John says Jay Z's public show of support for marriage equality is a pivotal moment and reveals he called the rap mogul to personally thank him, during an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell.

“Jay-Z, who’s probably the most respected African-American artist, came out and said not only is it wrong to not have gay marriage, but any discrimination in life is wrong," John tells Mitchells. " It was an incredibly moving statement. I phoned him up in England and said, ‘You have no idea what you’ve just said, how powerful this is.’"

John goes on to compare Jay-Z's support for President Obama's stance on same-sex marriage last May to the late Princess Diana holding the hand of an HIV/AIDS patient during a hospital visit in the 1980s. "When Jay-Z said that, it was a pivotal moment," John says. "And I take my hat off to him. I respect him so much for doing that. And, you know, when I next see him, I'm gonna give him the biggest hug."

- Advocate

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