Friday, June 15, 2012

Tallia Storm Wows Elton's Audience

Not every 13-year-old gets the chance to perform with Elton John in front of a 17,000-strong crowd, but that’s exactly what happened to Tallia Storm when she was asked to be the opening act for his recent Scottish concert.

The talented teenager is still trying to get her head around the life-changing experience, which came about after she met David Furnish while on a family holiday last year and gave him a copy of her demo to pass along to Sir Elton.

Elton was immediately impressed with Tallia’s sensational voice and asked her to open his concert at Falkirk stadium, where she impressed the audience with her strong vocals and confidence on stage.

Tallia spoke to STV at the recent Scottish Fashion Awards, where she was performing alongside fellow teen star Dionne Bromfield, and she revealed that she cannot wait to see what the future holds for her career.

“The Elton gig was surreal, and meeting him was phenomenal,” she said. “He invited me into his dressing room and he was just sitting there watching TV. It was incredible!

“He was just giving me all this advice and telling me there’s no rush and to keep sending my tracks over to him.

“He’s the one that started my career and he’s the one that’s always going to be there so fingers crossed, we’ll see where it takes me.”


Sir Elton John feared he was coming across as a “madman” when he contacted a young singer, says her mother.

Tallia Storm saw Elton’s husband David Furnish while she was on holiday and handed him a CD of her songs. The next day she received a call from Elton who was amazed by her talent.

Tallia and her family were on their way home to Scotland from America when Elton phoned, so he decided to call again when they’d finished their journey.

“It was the most surreal experience,” Tallia’s mother Tessa Hartmann recalled.
“He said, ‘I just thought I should speak to mum so you don’t think I’m some madman chasing your daughter across the world.’ He was so pleasant and normal and enthusiastic and passionate, he knew all her songs, he’d been listening to them for 24 hours and his band loved them.”

Elton was blown away by 13-year-old Tallia and invited her to perform with him in Falkirk, Scotland, earlier this month. She still can’t believe she was allowed to take to the stage but is going to concentrate on her schoolwork for a while.

The singer added she was nervous about approaching David with her CD, although he was kind to her.

“[I thought] when is a Glasgow star ever going to get a chance like that so just wing it!” she laughed on UK TV show Lorraine. "I was nervous because you never know how these people are gonna be. But he’s very humble and he was lovely. He just said, ‘Of course!’”

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