Thursday, May 31, 2012

Elton to Use New Closer Stage Design

WORK is underway at the County Ground to prepare the stage and ground ahead of Sunday’s Elton John concert.

The huge project will see around 40 workers spend 96 hours over of the next eight days to construct and take down the stage, lighting and seats, and of the 12,000 seats 8,000 will be on the outfield.

Site manager Mark Wooliscroft, known as Wolfy, who also co-ordinated the workfor Elton’s concert in Taunton in 2006, said everything is running to plan.

He said: “A new stage design means Elton will be closer to the crowd".


 Stage: Nearly 150 tonnes, 18m high, 16m deep and 55m wide Workers: 40 Trucks: 150 delivering to the County Ground Forklifts: 5 Cranes: 2 Production Trucks: 7 Crew buses: 3 Fencing: 600m Total project working hours: 3,840 Meals for workers: 900 Seats: 12,000

- Somerset County Gazette

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