Sunday, May 13, 2012

Elton Hasn't Contacted Lev in Over 1 Year

THE little lad Sir Elton John tried to adopt is now living a grim life in a rundown tower block — a world away from the singer’s palatial lifestyle.

And Lev Ageyeva’s Ukrainian family are puzzled that Sir Elton seems to have broken all contact with the boy he once said had “stolen my heart”.

After his adoption bid failed the superstar pledged to try to bring Lev to Britain, vowing: “I won’t give up on him ever.” But Lev’s grandmother Yulia said there had been no contact from Sir Elton since she became the boy’s legal guardian in February 2011.

She said: “We’ve never heard from Elton John, no contacts, no letters, no help, no presents.

“We don’t feel hurt or anything like that, please don’t think so. He made my Lev famous worldwide.”

Yulia said she offered last year to make Sir Elton the boy’s god-father, but did not hear back.

She also said the star failed to get in touch when he was in the country in November, for a concert in the capital Kiev.

Yulia, 59, added: “We’re just surprised and a little puzzled after what he said that he hasn’t found a way to keep in contact. Lev knows very well who Elton is. He recognises him when he’s on the TV and immediately cries — ‘look, it’s Elton singing’.”

Lev, who is four next month, now has to share a bunkbed with his HIV positive brother Artem, five. Home is Yulia and husband Nikolai’s spartan flat on the fourth floor of a graffiti-strewn tower block in Mariupol.

Three vast metal plants belch out pungent fumes to make it Ukraine’s most polluted city, posing serious health threats for children like Lev.

His drug-user mum Marina died in August 2010, aged 26, and his father Sergey, 34, is in jail for theft after already serving time for murder.

Yet as he plays on the rusting equipment in a nearby playground Lev can still manage the smile that first captivated Sir Elton, 65, on a visit to a Ukrainian orphanage in 2009.

Afterwards the I’m Still Standing singer said: “He has stolen my heart.” But he was ruled too old to adopt Lev.

Instead Sir Elton and partner David Furnish went on to become dads to 17-month-old son Zachary, born to a surrogate mother in Los Angeles.

A spokesman for the singer said last night: “We don’t comment on Elton’s private life.”

- The Sun

Pictured is Zachary with Elton at a carnival in San Gennaro.

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