Thursday, April 19, 2012

Elton to Feature in 'God Save the Queens' Sky Doco

This year marks 60 years on the throne for our Queen, but Sky Atlantic have announced the are going to celebrate 60 years of our other Queens with the commission of a set of 3 new 1 hour long documentaries highlighting the long line of popular gay entertainment personalities that have made a name for themselves and become part of popular British culture over the last six decades.

The show will start it’s look through the history of gay men in the public eye since 1952, after the Queens coronation and will tell the story of our most beloved and iconic flamboyant performers such as Kenneth Williams, Larry Grayson, Elton John and Paul O Grady as well as the more current camp stars such as Graham Norton and document how they have helped change public perception of homosexuality over the years and become such British institutions along the way.

The three shows will feature commentary and opinion from a whole host of star contributors including Actors, Singers and Entertainers as they tell the untold stories of some of our biggest and brightest gay stars, which will also be combined with a compelling range of archive footage.

At this time there is no transmission date for the series but keep and eye out for this fascinating set of episodes on Sky Atlantic soon.

- Unreality TV

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