Friday, March 23, 2012

Uni Students Invited to Dance Onstage with Elton

Ty and Asher Walker, brothers from Franklin County, can usually be found on campus at James Madison University where they attend school, but last week they made two appearances at Elton John's concerts.

While at the concert at the Roanoke Civic Center, they were given front row seats by a member of Elton John's team. Once the concert started, they caught the attention of not only the crowd but also Sir Elton John himself, by showing off their dance skills.

"We just like to dance and have fun," said Asher Walker. "The energy was really good. He was watching us and the crowd loved us."

During the concert they exchanged contact information with Elton John's management team. The next day they called Asher and Ty and asked if they would like to also attend the concert in Richmond.

"It was crazy," said Ty Walker. "For him to see enough in us to want us to get on stage, it was just surreal."

Before the Richmond concert, they also had the chance to meet Sir Elton John.

"He was so cool and down to earth," said Asher Walker.

"He was like nobody has ever done that at my shows, danced for three hours," said Ty Walker. "He just thanked us. It was such an honor."

Asher, who is a dancer, and Ty, who is a music d.j., said the experience was a performer's dream-come-true.


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