Saturday, March 3, 2012

Elton Coming to Siem Reap?, Slovakia Confirmed

Will he or won’t he questions still surround the notion that Elton John may perform at the temples in Siem Reap this coming November.

 The man said to be the Cambodian team leader behind the project is Mark Jackson, publisher of AsiaLife among other things. Last week Mark indicated that Elton John would be performing in Siem Reap and that a press release to that effect would be issued this week.

 But this week Mark became somewhat circumspect, telling Man About that “the team” was not ready to come out with a press statement yet. He added, “However, can confirm that no performer or band has as yet been confirmed for the event.” Then he added even more exciting news: “We’re planning to have a press statement in March.”

 No doubt Mark, being the astute publisher he is, is holding the news up his sleeve, so to speak, so that he can break it in his AsiaLife publication. And no doubt there will be a lot of candles in the wind the night Elton sings at Angkor.

 Further questions arise: has Elton John’s supposed concert at Angkor Wat later this year been cancelled before it’s even been officially announced? And why are people representing Elton John in Bangkok conducting a witch-hunt in Siem Reap, accusing eminently respectable hoteliers and other human life-forms of leaking the information to Man About, back in November, that a tour was being proposed.

 Tour talk was further enhanced last week, on February 16, when a blog titled Club Sandwich, written by UK would-be celeb chef Alan Watts, discussed the possibility of an Angkor concert this November.

 Watt’s wrote, “Sir Elton’s publicist Gary Farrow refused to give any details of the concert. ‘(It’s) not been announced yet, Elton will not be doing any media at present,’ he told me. “A source working for the lighting team that have been approached to put on the show said: ‘The only thing we’ve been told at the moment is the concert is going to be at Angkor Wat at the end of this year.

 ‘“We’ve been told it will probably be in November because Elton will already be in Asia that month for the last gig of his world tour, at the Mata Elang International Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia, on November 17’.”

 But back here in Siem Reap, word is that the Angkor show will not eventuate.

 - phnompenhpost

Elton and the Band are coming to Bratslavia, Slovakia on July10 at the Ondreja Nepelu Arena.

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