Tuesday, February 14, 2012

David Furnish Embarrassed Over Madonna Comments

David Furnish is still a little surprised that his personal Facebook posting last month, slamming Madonna’s Best Song win at the Golden Globes, went viral.

 “It kind of freaked me out because I’ve been on Facebook for three years and nothing I’ve ever put on my Facebook page has ever gone into the press,” David told Access Hollywood correspondent Jill Martin as he hit the red carpet at the amfAR Gala in New York City on Wednesday night.

 “I was embarrassed,” he continued of his post, and the reaction to his comment, which reportedly read, “Madonna. Best song???? [Expletive] off!!!” “I don’t want to put negativity out into the world,” he added. “I like to put positive things out into the world… I was very emotional at the time and I thought it was only to be shared with my friends and never ever meant to go public.”

 David’s husband, Elton John, lost to Madonna for Best Song at the Globes, and he told Jill why he later hit Facebook a second time after his first post made headlines. “I went back on and I said, ‘I think this has been blown out of proportion and Madonna is a great artist.’ I’ve always been a big fan and I wish her well on her film premiere, because anyone who makes and gets a film released these days, it’s a huge accomplishment and you know, you want to wish people well with that,” the activist and filmmaker told Jill. Still, David didn’t manage to catch Madonna’s halftime performance at Sunday’s Super Bowl, but not over any reported feud. “I didn’t see it because I’m not a football fan,” David, who originally hails from Canada, said. “I’ve never watched the Super Bowl in my life, but I went on Facebook and all my friends that saw it said it was fantastic, so well done, her.”

 On Wednesday, David was promoting an organization close to his heart – amfAR – which is dedicated to supporting HIV/AIDS research. “This is such an important cause and it’s a cause that Elton and I have dedicated our life to,” he said. “There’s 33 million people in the world living with HIV. One in five people in this country who are infected don’t know it, and we know now the importance of getting tested and knowing your status because the antiretroviral drugs which organizations like amfAR have contributed to the development of, they reduce the chance of passing the virus on to someone else by 96 percent. So, we really want people to know their status and understand. So, nights like tonight are so important.”

 Elton couldn’t be at the event because he was in Las Vegas where he is performing “Elton John The Million Dollar Piano” at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. “He’s in Las Vegas with the baby,” David said of their son Zachary, now a year old.

“I’m going to fly out and see them tomorrow night.” David said their little one is already ready to walk – and hit the water. “He’s just started walking and I got him starting on swimming lessons because he loves the water,” David said. “I’m a little bit nervous about him because he’s sort of fearless and I think he’s just gonna throw himself into a pool one day and he’ll need to know how to swim.”

- Access Hollywood

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