Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hunter Valley Video, Review & Photos

Hope Estate is a vineyard set amongst some absolutely beautiful scenery in country New South Wales. It's a picturesque spot surrounded by rolling hills and meadows filled with wine crops.

The black stage sticks out like a sore thumb amongst a natural setting. The sun was shining bright and it was a very hot day. The 2cellos gave a rapturous performance every night and were huge highlights for the audience. Eran James is also surprisingly emotive and his songs convey heavy emotion, he is a very talented musician. Kate Bush's new album 50 words for snow was used to provide background music prior to the support acts and I personally love her work.

The audience sticks out in my memory at these two shows, they are very high energy and are clearly excited to be spending the night in the company of a superstar. The alcohol flowing freely is also a big part of this extremely loose audience.

Security allowed a large group of people to enjoy virtually the entire show standing at the front of the stage, which was quite unusual as usually there is a set point in the show at which point the stage rush occurs. Anyway the audience and the band seemed to be lapping up all this high energy. Some audience members were a little rough though and some violence did occur around me which was disappointing.

Elton was on good form both nights and was clearly pleased to be there. He spoke of the beautiful scenery he saw on his helicopter ride in and even said that he would hopefully be back next year.

At this show James Packer (CEO of Crown Ltd) and Pauline Hanson (politician and reality tv star) were in attendance. It was a very eclectic mix of people - a testament to the ever growing appeal of Sir John.

Sunday's concert was very cold and rain threatened throughout the night, but it cleared magically for Elton and another blockbuster performance rocketed off to the stars.

Highlights for me were Holiday Inn, Madman Across The Water, Philadelphia Freedom and all the new songs from The Union.

As Elton borded his waiting chopper, fireworks filled the night sky and the beautiful orchestrations of Orchestral Finale filled the air. As the aircraft lifted off the ground applause was everywhere and I could see red tail lights heading for Sydney.

P.S: A big thanks to Tracy & Kevin for the fun ride out to the venue - it was so nice to meet you guys.

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