Saturday, December 17, 2011

Brisbane Photos, Video & Review

The Brisbane Entertainment Centre is set amongst tropical palms in the sunny Queensland capital. Tonight's show had an air of concern though. Elton had reportedly been unwell with bronchitis and was advised by doctors to not perform. David Furnish was also unwell and was so unwell that he even left Australia. Elton considered cancelling the entire Aussie tour however, thanks to Michael Chugg (Elton's Australian promoter) Elton decided to hang in there and give his best for the fans.

And give his best did he ever...

This was his first arena gig for the 15th Australian tour. The audience was enormous and Elton climbed the stairs and leapt straight into Saturday Night. His voice was a bit raspy and he coughed between every song, however he spoke about not wanting to let the fans down and how he made the right decision coming to see us.

The show was full of power and the band really put a big effort in to cover Elton's rare and small mistakes. He stumbled on the Madman into and had a few vocal issues with some of the more complex notes. However, his piano work was faultless and may I remind everyone this is a 64 year old man with bronchitis, that has just performed 3 concerts in a row only 2 days prior and who has travelled half-way around the world and is probably exhausted. I think a man 40 years his junior would not be able to do any better.

The audience lapped up every second of "EJ time" and he even signed a plethora of merchandise at the end of the show and even apologising for having a running nose as he stood over fans beneath him.

I said get well soon as he signed my model Elton John plane and he quietly spoke back 'thank you very much'.

With that he sang your song and headed back to Sydney to rest and see Zachary.

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