Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adelaide Review, Photos

The Cooper's Brewery is situated in an industrial part of Adelaide in South Australia. It has a natural park which made a good site for a concert. I must say however that public transport in getting there was very poor and incredibly difficult.

Rain had threatened all day but again stayed away and the sun sparkled as Elton took to his baby grand.

Elton and the band were in a chirpy high energy mood tonight and it showed through some excellent performances.

I had an excellent vantage point and he could see me very clearly. It was peculiar to see him stare at me and pull funny faces during the show. I felt a little special which was very cool. Bugs kept attacking him during the night and this made Bob laugh, Elton didn't seem too impressed by the pests.

During the autograph signing one lucky woman managed to climb on to the stage and kiss Sir Elton on the lips. He appeared a bit startled but asked the man next to her 'are you next?' Security immediately escorted her out of the venue.

The natural lighting and good vibe from the audience made for an intimate and special evening.

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