Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tunisia Wants Elton John

The Tunisian Tourism Minister, Mehdi Haouas, is in London this week for the World Travel Market and his touting his country...big time.

Haouas has invited Sir Elton John, not to mention the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (that's Will & Kate to you and me) to visit the country post-revolution, the Telegraph reports.

At a press conference, Haouas told reporters: “It would be nice if Elton John came. We already invited some French celebrities to come along and we hope to do the same with people well known in Britain.”

Travel to Tunisia has fallen roughly 30% by British travelers; travel revenue there has dropped some 50% (or $3.5billion) since 2010 due to fighting.

"We strongly believe that Tunisia is already a country where tourism could be restarted quickly,” reports Haouas told reporters, before adding: “Our culture is so diverse, with so many influences, and it’s time people saw and understood Tunisia for what it really is.”

Tunisian tourism officials have come under fire for their "hot spot" ads that were shown across Europe earlier this year, as the revolution was underway.

But would Will & Kate--not to mention new father Sir Elton--travel to the north African nation? Sure, Will & Kate have spent time in Kenya (that's where Will popped the question last fall) but would they go to such a controversial destination, especially if they might be expecting?

Only time will tell.

- Huffington Post

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