Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My review of Sydney 2011

The lyric theatre is a surprising venue for a superstar of Elton's calibre to perform at.
It holds 2000 people and is more like a plush cinema.

The two cellos came out promptly at 730pm and together, filled the room with amazing music. They performed smooth criminal by Michael Jackson, a classic U2 ballad and finished the set with a special appearance by John Mahon on percussion for highway to hell, a song that is a staple in Australian culture. I for one am now a fan of these two talented young men.

Elton and the band came on stage at 744pm and launched into a rousing rendition of Saturday nights alright for fighting. It was a high octane start to a magnificent concert filled with hit after hit. My personal favorites were madman across the water, holiday inn and Philadelphia freedom.

Elton spoke if his love for oz and how he was married here and when the wind blew away the stage at this first ever Australian concert. He said he loved the venue and it's refurbishment looked good (although he had never been in it before).

He dedicated don't let the sun go down on me to George Michael who is Ill with pneumonia and called him "my angel". The band were in fine form and the acoustics of the theatre made bass by bob birch especially powerful.

The new songs from the union were well recieved and Elton spoke of civil war being the hardest type of war, when it is within your own people.

Unfortunately for some long serving fans the second half fell a little slow with too many slow hits. Elton replaced are you ready for love with take me to the pilot at the last minute as it was still on his official set list. Elton's stage manager told us he wasn't "feeling it".
I must admit the casino audience did feel a little flat and perhaps Elton wasn't feeling enough love.

He finished the show with the traditional your song encore, the first night he seemed to have a nasal issue and was holding his nose while singing. But the hardest worker in entertainment that he is soldiered through the song and even signed items for front row fans.

His crystal covered jackets were stunning and even inspired me to create an homage jacket which got me in an interview with CCTV.

Elton was his usual high energy self and seemed to really rock out on some of the piano solos.

It truly was an intimate night with a legend.

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