Friday, November 25, 2011

Clips From Elton's Dunedin Appearance

Pop rock's biggest name has arrived in the country but he is lying low until he hits the stage tonight.
Sir Elton John plays his one and only concert in Dunedin in a couple of hours, and the sold out stadium will be packed full of 35,000 adoring fans.

The rocket man travelled by private jet, arriving mid-afternoon with an entourage of nearly 40 people, and was quickly whisked away.

But it was not to a hotel, but rather an art gallery in the city where he browsed the work of renowned glass artist Evelyn Dunstan.

It's a whirlwind visit but fan Cheryl Maxwell isn't disappointed - she's just happy she'll see him, after winning tickets on a radio show.

“We had one ticket for my husband because we could only afford one of us to go. So he got to go and I got to stay at home and hear about it,” says Mrs Maxwell. “And now I don't get to stay at home and hear about it - I get to go to Elton John!”

She'll join a crowd of more than 35,000 packed into the city's new Forsyth Barr Stadium.
“It's going to be the best night out, absolutely fabulous. All those people! And the music! And the lights! Yes.”

Dedicated fan Dan Ferguson’s just pleased to have a seat to the sold-out gig.
“My ex-wife stole my ticket so I’m glad I won another one.”

Sir Elton’s specially-designed piano will take pride of place in tonight's performance.
Promoter Phil Sprey says it is going to be an atmosphere that people remember hopefully in 10-20 years from now.

“They'll say ‘I was at the Elton John concert when he played in Dunedin at the new stadium’.”
Sir Elton heads to Sydney tonight, for the start of his Australian tour.

- 3 News

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