Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Billy Elliot Broadway to Close on Jan 8

He's danced for New Yorkers for three years, but come this January he'll be hanging up his ballet shoes.
"Billy Elliot the Musical" will end its Broadway run with a final show on January 8 having been performed in the city more than 1,300 times. Featuring music by Elton John, the show won the 2009 Tony Award for best musical.

It tells the story of a young small town boy and his journey from the boxing ring to ballet class and an unexpected talent.

The show continues to tour across America and play in London.

Further international productions are also planned.


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Anonymous said...

Sad, so sad the show is closing in NYC. It is the type of story we need more of in our world. Too many people are afraid to truly BE who they want to BE and shine.If more people were exposed to this musical and listen to its message maybe we would live in a more tolerent world.My daugter and I will love this show forever...