Tuesday, September 27, 2011

James McAvoy Rumoured for Rocketman Role

It seems funny that a Hollywood biopic about the colorful life of musical legend Elton John hasn’t been made already. The famous singer-songwriter – whose Oscar-nominated (and winning) tunes for Disney’s The Lion King are currently playing in theaters, once again – will see the early portion of his life realized in fantastical fashion in the upcoming film, Rocketman.

John (who was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight) has previously likened Rocketman as being more along the lines of Moulin Rouge! – and less a standard biopic about the trials and tribulations of a well-renowned musician (see: Ray, Walk the Line, etc.). It’s arguably a fitting approach, given the colorful nature of both John’s personal and private lives.

The Scottish Sun is reporting that James McAvoy “is favorite” to star as a younger version of the flamboyant musician in Rocketman. Bear in mind, this revelation should be taken with a grain of salt – and not seen as official confirmation that the X-Men: First Class star is onboard.

- Screenrant

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