Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Elton John's Helicopter Lands at Wrong Destination

Sir Elton John’s helicopter reportedly landed at the wrong nuptials when he was attending Lily Allen’s wedding.

The music superstar had been invited to see 26-year-old Lily tie the knot with her fiancĂ© Sam Cooper, in Gloucestershire, England, last month. However, Elton and his partner David Furnish were left bemused when they touched down and were greeted by a crowd of strangers dressed in black tie. After realising they didn’t recognise anyone and were at the wrong wedding, they returned to the helicopter and took off again, reports New York Post.

Lily’s ceremony was taking place in a Cotswolds church just a few miles away and the couple managed to arrive just in time. Around 100 guests saw Lily walk down the aisle, while another 200 helped to celebrate the marriage later that day with fireworks, a phone booth filled with beer and a live band.

Elton’s representative has dismissed the reports, saying "From what I can find out, this story isn't true."

- MusicRooms.Net

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