Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Elton Dedicates Concert to Memory of Ed

The family of a man who died of cancer say a Sir Elton John concert has lifted them "so much" after the pop music legend dedicated it to his memory.

They took a letter about Ed Mainwaring, 21, to the concert on Sunday evening at Shrewsbury Town FC's Greenhous Meadow stadium.

Sir Elton told the crowd the story "broke my heart" and also dedicated a performance of Your Song to him.

Mr Mainwaring's mother Carol said the concert had been "wonderful".

She added: "It did lift us, because we had very mixed emotions about going.

"He [Ed] always said the show must go on and we've got to carry on."

Mr Mainwaring, who graduated in 2010, died of lymphatic cancer just over a month ago after being diagnosed last September.

His mother said he had got the tickets for the family after going online and added: "He said to me 'it's something to look forward to mum'."

Mrs Mainwaring said at the funeral that she was going to ask Sir Elton to dedicate a song to her son.

"We put a letter together and we just took it last night [Sunday].

"We spoke to a member of the staff at Shrewsbury Town and he said 'I would just try my very best'.

"He said 'I can't promise anything' and of course that happened and it was absolutely wonderful."

Mrs Mainwaring described the event at the stadium, which opened in 2007, as "really, really lovely".

She said her son and daughter Hannah had both raised money for charity.

"On the day Ed passed away she did the Sheffield half marathon and so far she's raised over £2,500 for leukaemia and lymphoma research".


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