Monday, June 6, 2011

Dutch Concert Postponed to August

It remains unclear which artists will be present to give concert at the Royal Beach. The organization had announced on Tuesday that the festival, which includes Bryan Adams, Elton John and Golden Earring managed to snare is moved from June 4 to August 27.
Also, the location changed from the Malieveld Scheveningen in The Hague. The progress of the concert is "hampered by several issues of an operational nature", the organization gave as an explanation. "We had last minute problems, including the cooperation with local entrepreneurs."

Golden Earring into question the state of affairs. "We knew that something played, because the organization was unavailable for days." The rock band is "in principle" on August 27 action, while seeking clarification of the organization. "We are Fri Whether we do is half. We will see."

Bryan Adams did on Facebook at least know not to come late August. "Bryan is there not mentioned." Or Elton John is to appear, is unclear.

The organization is the final date of August 27, whether the musicians booked then or not. "We are managing all artists in dialogue, " says a spokesman. "If it appears that some can not, we look at alternatives." The Thursday zegspersoon hopes to have more clarity. "There's a lot going on, but we do not prematurely with half-answers."

Rather said the organization satisfied with the number of tickets sold, which is now over fifteen thousand. Last year in early March about twice as many tickets sold and 45,000 people eventually came to the shows. All tickets remain valid in any case.

- AP

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