Monday, May 2, 2011

Look What Elton John Sent Me!

I recently wrote a personal letter to Sir Elton John expressing my congratulations to him and David on their beautiful baby boy Zachary.

In just over a week I received this personally autographed album cover of "The One" to my home address. It says 'To Paul, With Love, Elton John'

I was absolutely stunned that he would take the time out of his hectic life to go to the effort of signing this for me and mailing it to me in Australia.

Elton, if you ever read this - thank you so much!! You are the most thoughtful and generous celebrity out there! I really appreciate your time and personal touch.


bicbic said...

Wow!! This is amazing! It was very nice of him to send you this.

Chris said...


Jason said...

You deserved to get this from Elton himself! You have made a wonderful blog that fans of elton could follow his news!!

Mário Marinato said...

May you share the address? (wink, wink)