Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elton Will Play Isle of Man - A Tent Was Booked

THE promoters of the upcoming Elton John concert have suggested that the concert will go ahead as planned.

Last week the gig was thrown into doubt when organisers Marshall Arts Ltd said there were "logistical issues" to resolve following the news that the Bay Festival had been cancelled.

Sir Elton John had been due to use the same infrastructure as the acts taking part in the Bay Festival on June 16.

This was publically announced by Bay Festival organisers as the Valhalla Tent. However Kayam the company who have supplied the structure for the last two festivals said no booking for the Valhalla structure, which only they supply, was ever booked.

Despite asking Mr Irving for clarification on this matter he chose not to respond.

But he later told Granada Reports that he had booked a 66 by 104 metre big top tent from another company - Mobile Stadiums - which is called an MT66 but which Mr Irving said he feels he is "quite entitled to call the Valhalla".

It now appears that Marshall Arts Ltd have taken over this booking.

In a statement from the company it said: "The promoters of the Elton John concert would like to dispel current rumours circulating on the Island regarding the status of the forthcoming Elton John concert in Nobles Park on June 16, 2011.

"The erection of the tent is booked to commence during the week of the TT races."

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