Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tip: If You are Young, Hot & Male - You Can Get Front Row Tix!

Hi all, it's Midnight Sun alum Sam Sessa (Erik is out of town until tomorrow) with a funny Elton John tidbit.

I wasn't able to make John's Baltimore concert Saturday night at 1st Mariner Arena, but my good friend Kristin did. She scored second-row seats ("10 feet from Elton!") from a local radio station.

Once she and her date were situated, they turned to the young, good-looking guys ahead of them and asked them how they'd managed to land front row seats. They had been sitting further back when one of John's crew came up and offered them seats in the front row.

Kristin marveled at this, until she realized that most of the folks in the front row -- at least the ones near John -- were young, hot guys.

Then she knew what was up.

Apparently, it's something John has done for a while. When he goes on tour with Billy Joel, the front row is half hot guys and half hot chicks. John and Joel have even joked about it during shows, one fan tells me.

I've heard of bands having their roadies hand-pick hot chicks to join them backstage after shows, but never filling the front rows with them. Still, it makes sense.

- Baltimore Sun


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know. I'm really sorry. I know I was wrong to say it like that. I just get really frustrated because I have tried so many times to get front row and I just can't :(
When you said I had a "pathetic loyalty". I just broke down. It made me feel terrible. :( I'm so sorry to both Elton and anyone else who read that first comment for reacting like that. I had a terrible day and this was just like the icing on the cake. I love you Elton and maybe one day I'll get front row. :)

Anonymous said...

I really sorry. I should've never said what I said. It's just that I have tried so hard to get front row seats in the past and its just never worked out. Elton you are quite obviously such a kind, generous man and I sincerely apologise. When you (Anonymous) said I had a "pathetic loyalty" I just broke down. :( I felt terrible. I'm so sorry to both Elton and anyone who has read that comment. I was just having a terrible day and this was just the icing on the cake. Anyway, I really hope you can forgive me. I hope one day I get front row seats to you Elton. :)

Elton Fan said...

I know how you feel,

I am a young gay man and I have never been able to get in the front row. I even run this blog!

Don't let it get you down just enjoy the chance to see him live!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul. Again I'm really sorry for saying that. I just hope you understand my frustration. I know Elton could never recognise me or care about anything to do with me. I just try so hard to get front row and it never works out. And whoever said I had a pathetic loyalty was being really hurtful. :(
Paul, I don't know you, but thank you so much for what you do. I live my life by this blog! I hope one day you meet Elton and he recognises the truly amazing work you do.

Elton Fan said...

It was mean what that person posted. let me know if you want any of your or their comments deleted.

Thank you for your lovely comment. I don't get a lot of feedback, but your comment makes it worth my while.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

It's my absolute pleasure Paul. You have no idea how much this blog means to me. It is the most organised, official Elton news source I have ever come across and it's all thanks to you. :) If you wouldn't mind, I would really like the first two comments removed. I just want to forget the whole thing ever happened because that person made me feel really bad about it. I feel like I've let Elton down. :( I live in Australia and I'm desperate to know if he's coming in December. I know about the delay in ticket info. This is me:

I sing and play piano, just like my hero :)
Thank you for understanding how hurt I was Paul and keep up the good work. I am forever grateful for what you do. :)

Elton Fan said...

Tate, your cover of your song was incredible. You really do have an amazing talent. I know Elton would be so proud of you.

If I was Elton I would want you in the front row!

I dont have facebook but my email address is in my profile on the sidebar if you want to email me privately.

I share all tour news on the blog and I'm just as keen as you are to see him. Where in Australia are you?

Anonymous said...

I am in Canberra studying Music at the Australian National University. I really hope Elton is coming in December. I was there on May 12 2008 at the Sydney Ent, when he said "I will be back Sydney!" I just wish there was a way Elton could hear all my covers of his songs. I try so hard to get noticed but I'm just a struggling musician. Really glad you liked my cover of Your Song. It means a lot to me Paul. :)

Elton Fan said...

Hey Tate,

Have you considered Australian Idol type of shows?

Speak to Chugg Entertainment if you want to audition as a support for Elton's tour.

I was at that concert too. He will be back I promise.

I'm in Melbourne.

Unknown said...

I got put in the front row right by the piano. Was amazing, got his autograph as well, pays to be hot I guess lol