Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Elton's Finally Online, Chatting with David Cameron Soon

The 64-year-old says his famous temper has simply evaporated since the birth of son Zachary on Christmas Day to a surrogate mother.

“He’s changed my life completely,” Elton told Gaydar Radio.

“I’m besotted by him. I never thought before a couple of years ago that I would in any way, shape or form be a father.

“The most incredible thing about it is it’s relaxed me and chilled me out so much because he’s just so adorable.

“It’s taken the emphasis off me and put it all on him. It’s made me more peaceful and I am in seventh heaven.”

Elton’s partner David Furnish adds that it’s not just Elton’s moods that have changed – he’s also been buying gadgets so he doesn’t miss spending time with Zachary even when he is away from home.

He’s changed my life completely.

“It’s moved Elton into the computer age,” he says. “For someone who steadfastly refused to get online, embrace the computer, embrace the internet, Elton took delivery of his first iPad two weeks ago because it has the dual camera on it and he wants to be able to Skype his little son every day when he’s not with him.”

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Elton John told Sexten on Gaydar Radio: “I’m going to see David Cameron when I come back in April. I have a date in my diary to see him. I’m going to be talking with him – with the people who work with my AIDS foundation – to talk about this very thing and to see what the government is going to do about it, and to see how we can work together.

“It is startling that, in this day and age, the infection rate has gone up so much within gay men. It is something on our agenda and I’m going to be doing that when I come back in May.”

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