Sunday, February 20, 2011

Violoncello Duo to Join Elton for Europe Summer Tour

Two violoncello players from Croatia that met at London's Royal Academy of Music have become a worldwide hit only two days after releasing their version of Michael Jackson's classic "Smooth Criminal", and now they look forward to further success with Elton John.

"Sir Elton John went crazy after hearing our music", said Stjepan Hauser who has teamed up with fellow countryman Luka Sulic in doing there violoncello video.

They will join Elton John's tour next summer, but Stjepan Hauser added, Sir Elton John was not the only one to recognize our quality.

"Sting? Maybe. Most probably. There will be more of this", the 24-year-old Stjepan Hauser has told to daily Slobodna Dalmacija, not wanting to reveal all the secrets of the sensational violoncello duo.

"We are good at music and we practice a lot. We also look good. There is no reason why we would not try something big", Stjepan Hauser has commented earlier this month. Taking a break from classical music, he got together with his Royal Academy of Music fellow Luka Sulic and tried out a violoncello version of Michael Jackson's hit.

The two violoncello artists received of hundreds of thousands views of their clip on You Tube, they have also received numerous business offers, including one from Hollywood. But they are keeping all the details secret.

Two violoncello players plan to complete a full album of pop and rock hits from all over the world, placed on violoncellos.

- Croatian Times

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