Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maybe Elton Should Put a 2nd Concert on in Christchurch?

Christchurch, New Zealand has been hit by a life shattering Earthquake just over 30 hours ago.

The confirmed death toll from yesterday's devastating magnitude 6.3 quake stands at 75, with 300 reported missing.

Sir Elton John is performing in Dunedin this November. Christchurch is located in the same Southern island of New Zealand as Dunedin. A suggestion to Elton, his management and Phil Sprey of Capital C Concerts is "How about making the devastated people of Christchurch feel a bit better?, Why not put a concert on there?"

The Dunedin concert has almost sold out and a second date would definitely sell out with such a large lead time. Perhaps some complimentary tickets could even be donated to families who have suffered in this tragedy.

What are your thoughts of this idea? Comment below. Elton can certainly cheer people up, I think the people of Christchurch would love the chance to take their minds off the pain and hurt of such a traumatic experience.


Chris said...

Since he's been bringing those greatly talented 4 backup singers, doing something like "Where's the Shoorah" with pictures of those who have passed on the screen will probably bring tears to everyone and a fitting tribute that could then be followed by an evening of fun.

The Girl said...

It could go either way. I'm not sure if people would be so quick to spend money on a concert after this, but at the same time they could definitely use some cheering up.

What if he did a charity concert to raise money for victims families, etc. That might go over really well as it wouldn't just be entertainment, but people going would feel as if they were doing something to help. Maybe?