Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lady GaGa is one of Zachary's Godmothers

The following is a recent interview with Macleans, Canada with David Furnish:

Q: Gnomeo & Juliet has already made over $55 million at the box office. Did you think it would be this successful when you signed on?

A: It’s just nice to be in a situation after 11 years where we can see it finally find its wings and people are responding. It’s a big dream come true.

Q: In 1997, you directed a documentary about Elton John called Tantrums & Tiaras. Elton fans keep asking for a sequel. Would you consider making one?

A: I had a whole layer of objectivity then that I don’t know if I can bring to our world anymore. There has been such evolution and growth in both of us since that was made. I don’t think it will be entertaining anymore because Elton is much more settled, happier and more centred. Having Zack has been another step in our evolution and a grounding influence for both of us.

Q: Correct me if I’m wrong but Lady Gaga has been named Zachary’s godmother. What led you to choose her?

A: We haven’t publicly confirmed that yet but your sources are very good! I prefer not to comment on it because we are going to make a statement about godparents later on.

Q: Do you believe Lady Gaga has the potential to influence today’s generation in the same way Madonna and Elton have?

A: Absolutely. The strongest thing that Gaga has—putting her amazing musical talent aside—is that she has such a connection with her fans. She has 25 million followers on Facebook and she communicates to fans [via] Twitter in a regular, ongoing way.

Q: Her knowledge of civil and human rights is impressive. What do you think about the type of messages she sends out to her fans?

A: She’s all about inclusiveness and tolerance. She believes that you can be whoever you want to be and that we don’t have to live in a world of conformity and that we can all [benefit] from individuality. That’s the best message in the world. The freedom to be who you are, do what you want and love who you want to love.

Q: And you’d like that kind of message to be around your family?

A: Absolutely. Elton and I don’t talk about what we hope Zachary grows up to be—musician, doctor or whatever. We just hope he grows up to be happy and that he’s able to do what he wants to do in life and has the freedom to take whatever path.

Q: Many people associate you with the success of the White Tie and Tiara ball since you are a key board member of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Is it true you start planning the next ball a week after the last one is held?

A: We do. The landscape is very competitive in fundraising so we go through [a rundown of] what worked at the event the week right after—the decor, food, ambiance, entertainment, pace and even flowers. When we started White Tie we were the first event of that scale. No one had charged 1,000 pounds a ticket. There’s now a lot of people who have followed our lead so we have to stay on our toes and offer the best experience.

Q: In an early magazine profile, you were called “the musical inspiration and the deciding vote” in your marriage. Is that true?

A: No. Elton doesn’t need inspiration where music is concerned. I like to think of our marriage as a democracy. Sometimes it goes my way, sometimes his. If all is going well, it goes both our ways. Elton’s musical prowess is enormous. Just look at his latest record with Leon Russell. I didn’t tell him to pick up the phone and call Leon, that was his decision.

Q: Are there any songs Elton has recorded that are about you?

A: The only song he ever referred to is called My Elusive Drug. When he wrote it at the time, he said, “This is about you.” The lyrics [speak] to how I was something Elton was looking for all his life and how it took a while for him to find me. The song also [implies] that when he did find [me], he was grateful.

Q: What’s next in terms of producing projects?

A: I’m taking six months off because we have a new son and Gnomeo & Juliet was a long process. All I’m thinking about is making sure Elton, Zachary and I are together as much as possible, so we’ll be on the road with [Elton]. Now that we have a son together, I want us to spend more time together and I don’t want Elton to miss out.

Q: Are you thinking of bringing Elton and Zachary to your parents’ place in Scarborough, Ont?

A: Yes, I think it’s time. Elton hasn’t been yet and he needs to see where I grew up because I’ve been where he’s grown up.


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Anonymous said...

This totally contradicts the announcement that was made in early January that Ingrid Sischy and Sandy Brant are Zachary's Godmothers. Perez Hilton is pulling stuff out of his ass. If Elton wants his son to have a "normal" life, he would not pick Lady Gaga as a role model for him. What's she going to do? Teach him how to smoke pot and drink whiskey?