Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Elton Expected to Dramatically Reduce Touring Commitment in 3 years, Zachary Coming on Tour Too!

Sir Elton John revealed he is taking his baby on tour: “My dogs go everywhere, so why shouldn't my son!?'

The superstar singer - whose son by surrogate Zachary is one-month-old – spoke to cameras at the premiere of his new Disney film Gnomeo & Juliet.

Sir Elton said he was over the moon at becoming a father with longtime partner David Furnish.

'It can't get any better at the moment,' Sir Elton said.

The singer said that he expected his priorities to change in the future but for the moment he will keep travelling.

'They will change when he goes to school, yes,' he said.

'He’s got to be in one place for school. But for the first three years of his life he’s going to be coming around with me or David doing as much as we can together.

'He’s portable, he is very portable.

'He is very easy to pick up and put on a plane, he’s very easy to pick up and put in a car.
'But for the first few months of his life he is going to stay here and be breastfed, which we want him to do.'

- Monsters & Critics

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