Monday, December 20, 2010

The Face 2 Face Tour Might be Dead

Unfortunately, it looks as though Elton John's tour with Billy Joel may be over.

All upcoming scheduled performances featuring Sir John do not feature Mr. Joel. Billy has recently been undergoing double hip surgery, dealing with marital issues, helping his daughter and taking some time out. He has talked of working on a movie score type soundtrack and his Last Play at Shea documentary. He has however spoken briefly about touring stating "I will most likely tour again, but if it's with Elton or by myself, I don't know." The star does not currently have any public appearances booked.

Sir Elton on the other hand, may have had some dissapointment after scheduled concerts with Billy for mid 2010 were cancelled and the joint tour was brought to an abrupt end. Elton then had to put together a replacement European tour. The last date they both attended was March 2010.

Fan's have even asked Elton directly about the issue and recieved a direct response "I will never tour with him again".

International promoters have been very keen to bring this tour out of the USA for some time, however Billy and now Elton seem disinterested in the idea.

Time will tell if this brilliant and very popular tour will be re-instated or if it will fade into the memories of those who were fortunate enough to see it.

- Various Sources


Gilson de Azevedo said...

This tour can not end, they are amazing and they have to do a Mega Face To Face World Tour and spend here in Brazil, the Brazilian Fans Love These Two Great Artists!

Anonymous said...