Monday, November 1, 2010

The Elton John Museum Coming Soon?

Sir Elton John dreams of establishing a museum to display his private photography collection and personal memorabilia to the public.
The Rocket Man has amassed a huge amount of artwork over the years, and stores it all in two massive warehouses in London, along with mementos from his long music career.
But he wants the British public to enjoy the items - and one day hopes to set up a museum where the collectibles can go on show.
Sir Elton tells Britain's The One Show, "I've got two (warehouses). They've got old stage costumes, sets pianos, all the memorabilia. It's quite a lot. I've got to decide what to do with that. I've always wanted to leave my photography collection to the nation - (husband) David (Furnish) and I probably have the largest private photography collection in the world, or one of them.
"There isn't a photography museum in England, there should be and I'd love to leave all the photographs to the nation and the memorabilia at the same time, so create a museum where you see my life. Instead of doing a biography or autobiography, you see my life through objects and you get to see the wonderful photographs I've collected over the years. I'd love to do that but you have to find a space and get it funded - it's one thing saying you'll do it but it's quite complicated."
- Toronto Sun

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clapboard said...

Hollywood memorabilia is a great way of making a connection to the past and celebrating the glowing past that the film industry has had in Hollywood.