Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leon & Elton Kick Off The Union Tour Tonight

Sir Elton & Leon Russell begin the 2010 "The Union" tour tonight at the Beacon theare, New York. If you are going, look forward to a very unique concert.

Last night Elton & Leon gave a stellar performance at the Enduring Vision Benefit in New York; Elton put on a 45 minute solo acoustic set on piano with Leon Russell as a guest star.

Elton dedicated “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” to the legendary Woodward, who he said he’d never met but always admired. The rest of the set was vintage Elton. He rocked the gigantic marble former bank with: “Sixty Years On” and “The Greatest Discovery” from his debut album–40th anniversary next month. “It feels like 40 minutes,” Elton said. And then: “Levon,” “Tiny Dancer,” “Philadelphia Freedom.” He played “When Love Is Dying,” an instant classic from the new album. All on piano, by himself, simply spectacular.
Then Sir Elton introduced Russell, calling him “my hero” and “my idol.” Russell sat down at the piano and played a little bit of “Amazing Grace,” and then a full version of the most celebrated song he’s written, “A Song For You.” Russell’s white hair is like spun silk or cotton candy.  It seemed electrified and flew around a bit in the light. Leon Russell has never been so appreciated.
Last night, as tonight at the Beacon Theater, Cameron Crowe is filming for some kind of documentary. And tonight’s show, with Elton and Leon debuting their extraordinary album, “The Union,” is going to be the hottest ticket anywhere.

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