Monday, September 20, 2010

Elton to Help With Next Cirque du Soleil Show

Nick Littlemore is famous for working on ten projects at once. In between recording Pnau’s next album and some production work, he’s also been dabbling with Canada’s acrobatic and music troupeCirque du Soleil for the past 12 months.

Now he’s has officially been announced as the composer and music director of its next spectacle, to debut at New York's Radio City Hall in June 2011.

Written and directed by film and theater director Fran├žois Girard (The Red Violin, Silk) the still-to-be-titled show will be set in an abandoned theatre. It follows the trauma of a magician who loses his magic after he loses his love. As he pleads with the gods to help him, he is plunged into a world inhabited by surreal creatures.

According to the press announcement, "Sir Elton John will be guiding his protege Nick Littlemore through the creative process of this new production."

Sir Elton fell in love with Littlemore’s talents after hearing Pnau’s Wild Strawberries on the radio whilst in Australia to oversee the Sydney production of Billy Elliot The Musical. He got them signed to his manager Clive Banks. Elton is also co-writing and playing on the next Pnau record.

With all these projects going, we wouldn’t be holding our breaths for Littlemore to return to Empire of the Sun in the near future.

- The Music Network

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