Monday, June 7, 2010

Elton's Bulgarian Requirements & Our 1000th Post!

White furniture, red roses and 20 suitcases are part of the requirements for Sir Elton John's dressing room interior design in Sofia, announced the organizers of his first Bulgarian concert.
The performance is part of the world-famous musician's solo tour and will take place on June 13 in Sofia on the “Lokomotiv” stadium. Ticket prices will range from BGN 80 to BGN 120.
A team of 150 people is responsible for building the stage, the settings and all the details for the preparation for the concert.
The equipment for Sir Elton John's world tour include 30 trucks and 20 buses, four of which are for the band. The singer and his musicians will travel in super luxurious limousines BMW.
A personal dressing room, relaxation room and a wardrobe backstage will be available for the singer before the concert in Sofia. He required red carpets for every room, coquette table lamps with veils and energy saving bulbs for avoiding fluorescent lighting on the ceiling.
The furniture in the relaxation room will not be leather, the organizers said. The “jewel” will be the white Victorian armchair with cashmere threads, which accompanies the musician on his performances ever since he bought it last year.
Other requirements for the Sofia concert are a personal telephone line for connection with every part of the world and a 42-inch plasma TV with a satellite. Sir Elton John also demanded four 2-meter palm trees, huge square vase with mix of fresh flowers and white decorative stones on the bottom.
The bouquet should exclude lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, and daisies. The vases in the personal dressing room will be seven with seven roses each, two white and five red, with the same length of stems and no leaves.

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