Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elton Turns Down Judging Offer for X Factor

Sir Elton John has reportedly turned down an offer to be a guest judge on The X-Factor.
The 63-year-old Rocket Man was reportedly offered one of the guest-judge slots to take the place of Dannii Minogue while she is on maternity leave.
However, the star reportedly turned it down as he doesn't agree with the morals of the show.
A source said to UK newspaper The People: 'He didn't want anything to do with the show, despite its amazing viewing figures.
'It would have been great for his profile, but he didn't feel he needed the exposure.
'And he disagrees with the show's policies - he thought he'd have to be cruel to people who don't deserve it.
'If his job was to seek real talent and not put down the less talented, it would have been different.
'Some people think it would be fun - but he can't see the funny side of the role or the auditions.'

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