Friday, June 4, 2010

Elton & Leon's New Album Titled "The Union"

“I love these speakers,” T Bone Burnett enthuses of PMC’s new-generation active systems. “The AML2s are incredibly useful small speakers with great depth, clarity and volume.” The producer is currently completing a new CD with Elton John and Leon Russell, which was tracked in Studio D at The Village with orchestra and horn section, and mixed in Studio B on a large-format Neve 88R analog console with the new AML2 monitors.

Tentatively entitled The Union, the new CD is scheduled for release later this year. The duo is also planning a project for Elvis Costello, with whom they last worked in 2008. The new CD will be tracked in Nashville and overdubbed/remixed at The Village using their AML2 monitors.

- Pro Sound News

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