Sunday, April 11, 2010

SimfyLive Recording US Tour on USB Stick

Simfylive are retailing recent recordings from Sir Elton and the band on their 2010 US Tour online. You can purchase either a CD, instant MP3 download or a patented USB concert stick version.

See their website for more information.


Anonymous said...

Can't get in to the website, can you reset the link??Many Thanks

JASON said...

Can you reset the link? I can't get in to the website..MANY THANKS

Elton Fan said...

Hi Jason,

I just tried the link. It is working on my end. Try instead perhaps.

Kind Regards,


yohan said...

The record of the Corpus Christi's show do not contain the new title : "You're never too old". It's sad, so sad....

See you soon,


JASON said...

Indeed, Maybe elton doesn't want his stuff to be published at thihs stage...It's sad, I really like his new stuff!!