Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sir Elton Preparing for Oscars

If there’s one person who loves talking about the Academy Awards as much as I do, it’s Sir Elton John. He’s an Oscar winner after all (Best Song for The Lion King), not to mention an attentive voter who loves hunkering down with his stack of For Your Consideration DVDs over his Christmas holiday. He also throws what I think is the best party of the whole Oscar weekend, the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party, which in its 18th year will raise millions of dollars to help combat the disease internationally. In advance of this weekend’s event, the musical superstar and I sat down for a series of quick videos to discuss this year’s top Oscar categories as well as his work on behalf of the EJAF. The videos will play during commercial breaks for guests inside the event on Sunday night. But I’m also running two of them here on OscarWatch. In this pair of clips, Sir Elton and I talk about the Best Director and Best Supporting Actress races, and he divulges which films he’s rooting for this weekend.



ET goes behind the scenes of the ultra glamorous Elton John Oscar party.

The exclusive event is a coveted invitation in Hollywood, where A-Listers come together to celebrate a good cause. As Director of the Elton John AIDS Foundation Scott Campbell tells ET, the benefit party is important because it is one of the top donators to HIV/AIDS projects around the world. The organization has raised over $175 million since they were founded 18 years ago -- this year they expect to raise between $3.5-5 million.

"Our theme and focus always remains the same, which is to do the best we can to raise as much money [as possible] to support the issue of HIV and help us to expand our ability to support projects around the world," Campbell said.

Grace Jones will be performing, while expected guests include Victoria Beckham, the cast of "Glee," medalists from the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Joe Jonas, Betty White and many more.

- ET Online

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