Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jason Mraz Wants to Work with Sir Elton

Jason Mraz was one of the many celebrities who attended Elton John’s 18th annual Oscar Viewing Party in West Hollywood last night. It was a chance for him to proposition Elton John about an idea he had while touring the San Diego LGBT Community Center last week. Mraz discussed that he was hoping to talk about a possible collaboration with Elton John.

He wants to sing a modern version of “Ebony and Ivory”. To put it in Mraz’s words, an ”Ebony and Ivory of the times, for equality.” “Ebony and Ivory” is a song from the eighties that features Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder and sent a message about about racial harmony and equality.

Jason Mraz’s idea is to bring the heterosexual community together with the LGBT community in support of the rights of gays to legally marry. Mraz has been a vocal straight ally, supporting both marriage equality and LGBT acceptance in general.

Abby Schwartz, a coordinator at the San Diego LGBT Community Center, told, “Jason realizes he has a platform that many do not and wants to use it to share a message of love, acceptance and equality for all.”

- Lezgetreal

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