Friday, February 5, 2010

New Album Update - Near Completion

Basic tracks for Bernie and Elton’s new album with Leon Russell have been recently completed and the gang is about to start vocals and overdubs immediately. The trio has cut fifteen songs ranging from Stones like rockers, Country tinged ballads, Gospel and even a Sinatra like weepy similar to something torn from the grooves of “In the Wee Small Hours” As reported before it’s varied in scope and drenched in a rich tapestry of atmospherics. Don’t expect to hear the old EJ/BT sound; this is organic recording unlike anything you’ve heard from our duo before.

Leon continues to improve from the surgery that sidelined him in the initial stages and caused the media to over diagnose his condition. His playing is masterful as ever and his contribution to the project grows more exciting with the passing of everyday.

The players in the first two weeks of recording have included such T-Bone Burnett stalwarts as drummers Jim Keltner and Jay Bellerose, Bassist Dennis Crouch, guitar virtuoso Marc Ribot and additional keyboardist and tech wizard Keefus Ciancia.

- Bernie J Taupin


John Errigo said...

That is wonderful. I LOVE Elton John's music and I cannot wait for the release of this album, do you know when it will be released?

John Errigo said...

That is wonderful -thanks for sharing. I LOVE Elton John's music and I cannot wait for the release of this album. DO you know when it will be released?


JASON said...

Irrelevant question: Have you seen the performance of Elton John and LAdy Gaga? Do you actually have the mp3 version, if you do have, can you send it to my email address:

Very Much appreciated
A huge fan of your blog from Hong Kong.

Elton Fan said...

Try looking on youtube, you can convert youtube to audio mp3 with


deepfreezevideo said...

Elton John and Leon Russell, a DREAM COME TRUE!!!