Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lady Gaga Rehearsing Medley of LGG & EJ Songs for Grammy Opener

Lady Gaga has a lousy poker face. We're totally on to her Grammy Awards secrets.

When the lights go down on the Staples Center Sunday, the five-time nominee will be there to get the festivities rolling. And she won't be opening the show alone with an inevitably crazy outfit.

Elton John will be there to join her, E! News confirms exclusively.

They'll be doing some sort of medley ("Tiny Just Dancer" or "Don't Let the Bad Romance Go Down on Me" perhaps?) set to a "factory"-themed set and costumes, a source tells us. We're not quite sure whether Elton or Gaga will both be tickling the ivories, but at least one of them will. Gaga is said to be "rehearsing like crazy" at Center Stage in Burbank, and one of the tracks getting practice time is "Telephone."

And just for the sake of clarity, Beyoncé won't be joining them.

We just hope this collab is half as good as when Elton teamed up with Eminem in 2001.


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